Bikes built by riders

When designing the Swell Lineup, our #1 focus was making bikes that are as much of an experience as a mode of transportation. In order to achieve this, our bikes are equipt with the highest standard of quality components and backed with our comprehensive 2 year warranty that will have you riding for years to come!

Go Further

The Fat Swell

Unlock the ultimate electric beach cruiser experience with the Fat Swell.


When should you buy an electric bike!?

Yesterday! Almost all of our customers who have decided to make the leap and purchase an electric bike wish they would have done it months ago. There's no way to understand what you are missing out on until you have one! Suddenly every small outting becomes an adventure and the adventures are endless. With an electric bike you will find yourself going places and doing things you may have never thought possible!

Swell Electric Bikes HQ

400 Spectrum Center Dr

Irvine, Ca 92618

Wed- Sat 10am-4pm

(949) 315-0608

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