Swell Electric bikes was started by a Southern California native, who grew up surfing the pristine breaks of T-street, Cottons, Trails, and Old Mans in San Clemente. As the best swells became overcrowded, the adventure became the search of finding the best uncontested swell. Over the years, walking the trails with a surfboard in tow turned into riding, which eventually (and thankfully) became electrified. Due to popular demand, what first began as electrifying regular bikes turned into manufacturing fully electric bikes. Aside from riding to distant breaks, we found that the bikes themselves were just as swell to ride around town as they were on the trails. It's no surprise how the name came to be! Suddenly, our favorite brewery or boutique was just a quick ride away. Without having to worry about the daunting hills or unruly terrain, all there is to think about is which scenic route are you going to take today. At Swell, we want to bring the joy of riding to everyone. No matter who you are, there is fun to be had when you combine the power of a 750-Watt Bafang motor and range of a Samsung battery. Expand your horizon and take a ride on the wild side. Check out one of our electric bikes today! You won’t look back. 
The Swell Fat Tire Bike Being Hand Made
 The Fat Swell on the assembly line!
Swell Electric bikes after they have been built up and are waiting to be boxed up and shipped out!
 Bikes built to spec with high quality components and maximum fun!