About Swell

Swell Electric bikes was started by a Southern California native who grew up surfing the pristine breaks of San Clemente including T-street, Cottons, Trails and Old mans. Over the years walking the trails turned into riding and eventually the riding became electrified. Since no one was making electric bikes the founder of Swell began custom tuning regular biked to make them electric. What started out as an electric bike conversion business for surfers quickly turned into designing and manufacturing fully electric bikes. At Swell, we want to bring the joy of riding to everyone. Whether you are riding to your favorite surf spot, cruising the town, riding on the sand at sunset or exploring new territories, Swell Electric Bikes will get you there. Have confidence in knowing that all of our bikes are built to the highest spec with quality components such as Bafang motors, Samsung batteries and Tetrko hydraulic brakes. Take a ride on the wild side and check out one of our electric bikes today!